Additional Living Expenses

Additional Living Expenses Covered

Here are some items that an insurance company should pay for under the ALE coverage in a claim. You should be able to maintain the same lifestyle as you are used to when you suffer a loss that displaces your from normal living conditions in your home.

  • Costs for increased mileage or transportation costs due to the new temporary location
  • Restaurant meals (They will ask you what you normally spend per month or week and pay for an additional amount)
  • Furniture rental—costs to rent special items you are usually used to having may be covered and considered
  • Costs for your temporary accommodation, be it a rental, a hotel, motel or room in a boarding house.
  • Costs of doing laundry—If you have to send your laundry out because you don’t have access to a washer and dryer at your temporary home, then it may be covered, for example
  • Storage costs for contents under special circumstances
  • Pet boarding and more..(If you have a farm policy they may even house your horse or other animals)
  • Moving or displacement costs.