Atlantic Cyclone Season 2019

Atlantic Cyclone Season 2019


Hurricane Dorian Category 4

The tropical cyclone may be a (related to areas near the Equator/hot and humid) cyclone that is caused once winds reach higher velocity speeds.  These are damaging storms that commonly occur over the Atlantic Ocean Ocean.

Atlantic cyclone season shows signs of a lot of activity even though 2019 is being forecast as an ‘average season’, cyclone readiness remains very important.

An expected combination of warmer-than-average ocean surface temperatures within the (related to areas near the Equator/hot and humid) Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, and an increased West African bad rainstorm favor enlarged cyclone activity [EPA]

As we have a habit/desire to head into August, we tend to forget how devastating the Atlantic cyclone/hurricane season can be. The official begin is June 1 and ends Nov 30 though (related to areas near the Equator/hot and humid) systems can develop at any time of the year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is prediction a near-(usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) Atlantic cyclone season is probably in 2019. An averager cyclone season produces twelve named storms, of that six become hurricanes, together with 3 major ones.

Damages because of cyclone:

1) These hurricanes will cause the water level to rise by many meters.
2) After the water rise, it causes huge waves to hit the shores close to the storm. This can be known as Storm Surge
3) The hurricanes do tons of injury to the (wide view of a nature scene/wide area of beautiful land) by blasting the powerful winds.
4) Flooding is caused by the serious rains from the hurricane’s clouds.

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