What is a Brittle Test?

During a brittle test and the shingle is loosened at its lower edge from the shingle below it. it is then raised and lowered 45 degrees three times.

On roofs that have borderline hail or wind damaged, it is important to perform a brittle test in order to determine whether or not the roof  damage is repairable and may help you reach the 25% required to be deemed damaged from the peril (Wind or Hail) that will allow a total roof replacement.

Please see:

2017 Florida Building Code 706.1.1 25% Rule

If the shingle develops a crack or seem in it during the test, then the shingle is too brittle to be repaired. If the shingle does not develop a crack or seem, then the shingle may be repaired.

For roofs with borderline damage you can be assured the insurance carriers will attempt to repair the roof. In a case where the damaged shingles cannot be repaired, the roof must be replaced. This is why you need an Experienced Public Adjuster to advocate for your and represent you when the initial inspection occurs by the Field Adjusters sent out by the Insurance Carrier.