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Experienced Public Adjusters

When facing a devastating property loss, there is a growing trend in insurance industry for insurance companies to underpay or deny claims. In this light, the service of a public adjuster is fundamental. A public adjuster is a claim handler who acts on behalf of the policyholder by examining and negotiating insurance claim.

It is fundamental that only public adjusters that are given license by The Florida Department of Financial Services and are legally recognized to represent the rights of an insured during the process of an insurance claim. In bringing the helpful services of our experienced public adjusters to your doorstep, we have established a public adjuster company location in Naples, known as ‘Experienced Public Adjusters’ and can also be easily accessed at your fingertip through by calling our Merritt Island office at (407) 212-8669 or emailing us at

With the availability of our seasonal and experienced public adjusters, it is good news for the residents of Naples and its environments such as Brevard, Volusia, Seminole, and Osceola County. By extension, the East Coast Florida market will witness a positive turnaround in the degree of possible insurance claims.  Our public adjusters are experts a providing the right identification and valuation of the loss.

Worthy of note is that, our office in the heart of Merritt Island is endowed with an experienced team of “Merritt Island Public Adjusters” capable of assisting homeowners and business owners to attain a maximum settlement they need for their fire and smoke damage, water damage, pipe leak, hurricane, and wind damage, hail damage, flood damage, lightning, mold damage, and vandalism-theft damage.

Our Aims & Objectives 

Our Experienced Public Adjusters are primarily concerned with addressing the challenges of every insurer in Merritt Island and its surrounding area by providing expertise and quality customer service helping insured’s maximize fair settlements after suffering devastating loss.

Do you need a fair settlement for your Merritt Island property insurance claim?

Has your claim ever been denied or underpaid?

These, among others, are what our experienced Merritt Island public adjusters resolve.  There is no doubt that policyholders can become confused when they do not know the way to navigate the insurance claims process and get compensated for their insurance loss.

Getting started

Being your advocate, our ultimate goal is to ensure you have a fair claim settlement for the property damages you have received. To hire and experienced public adjuster, you can contact a Merritt Island Public Adjuster directly at our office in the epicenter of Merritt Island for instant insurance claims assistance.

We cover a range of services such as smoke damage, water damage, pipe leak, hurricane, wind damage, Flood damage, hail damage, lightning damage, among others. As a matter of concern, if you do not recover your claim, we do not get paid.

Similarly, we value your loss with the aim of managing the claim and bargaining a fair settlement for you. It is statistically believed that policyholders who go through professional public adjuster receive more for their application that those who do it alone. Contact an Experienced Merritt Island Public Adjuster us today!

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  • We Work with you from Start to Finish.
  • We Handle Most All Claims – Big or Small.
  • We Are Florida State Licensed, and Bonded and Insured.
  • We Work on Your Behalf – Not The Insurance Provider.
  • We Provide More Assistance in Your Time of Need

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