Mortgage Endorsement On Settlement Checks

How do I get my mortgage company to release funds!

This is no easy task. Every bank has different policies. When filing an insurance claim its always best to call during the beginning of the process to find out what they will require!

  1. Some banks will release a certain amount of funds in advance
  2. Some banks will have small limits on dispersing them with no requirements
  3. So banks require final inspections before releasing the amount in full
  4. Will they allow you to self contractor
  5. Always ask for a supervisor for an exception. Their policies are usually standard guidelines but allow for exceptions for special circumstances.
  6. Mortgage companies typically are not allowed to hold an insurance check for more than the amount owed on the mortgage.

Banks are constantly changing their policies regarding endorsing and releasing insurance funds. It is always best to know in advance what the rules of the game are before you reach settlement.