Commercial property loss claims can be extremely different then a residential home claim. You need to have the right experienced public adjuster to handle your claim. If your business has suffered a catastrophic loss, your focus is typically on maintaining operations and making important recovery decisions. The claims process is time consuming and extremely difficult to navigate through the process if you are not familiar with commercial loss insurance claims. And just like a lawsuit you would never want to go in without an attorney and it’s the same for commercial losses, you never want to go into a claim without an experienced public adjuster.

Here are the types of commercial losses we specialize in:

Hurricane & Wind Storms

Hail Damage

Roof Damage

Commercial Loss

Fire/Smoke Damage

Water Damage & Pipe Leaks

Flood Damage

Vandalism & Theft

Sinkhole Damage

Lightning Damage

Power Outage

Business Interruption

Tornado Damage

If you’re looking for the best help with your commercial loss insurance claim, give our team at Experienced Public Adjusters a call. You can schedule your free consultation and damage inspection with a skilled Florida Public Adjuster by calling our team at (407) 212-8669.

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