Tornadoes can be the most devastating and most unexpected and devastating natural disaster that can occur.  Often there is little to no warning that it is coming your way and here is not much you can do to prepare for a tornado. We have provided some great government and charitable website links below for tornado alerts, planning and preparation, facts, and educational material. If you suffer damage due to a Tornado you most likely have severe damage to your property as these storms are extremely powerful and you soon find out that you will need an advocate on your side when filing a tornado claim. Hiring and Experienced Public Adjuster to help you through the process and to reach a fair settlement is essential. Insurance company usually send out inexperienced adjuster or company adjusters who will not spend the time documenting the damage properly or writing a detailed and fair estimate. Remember they work for the insurance company, an Experienced Public Adjuster works for you!

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), tornadoes come in all shapes and sizes, and can occur anywhere in the U.S. at any time of the year. In the southern states, peak tornado season is March through May, while peak months in the northern states are June and July.

These resources can help you prepare before and safely recover after a tornado.

Prepare for a Tornado
Learn what supplies you should prepare ahead and how to plan for disaster debris. You can also get information about water and food safety, and health concerns. And find out how to report hazardous material spills. (Environmental Protection Agency)

Get tornado facts and learn the conditions to stay alert for. Find out how to shelter in different structures or even if you’re outside. Learn how to stay safe, inspect the damage, and clean up after a tornado. There’s also information on how to prepare a safe room. (

Tornado Safety
Learn the difference between a “tornado watch” and “tornado warning,” and the danger signs to watch for. Read about warning systems, and how to prepare your family and your home ahead of the storm. Learn what to do to stay safe during a tornado and how to recover after. They have an app to warn you in advance as well (American Red Cross)

Get information on how to prepare before a tornado, and how to stay safe during and after. Learn what to do when you re-enter your home, and how to safely handle flooding or debris. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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