Licensed Public Adjuster

Public Adjuster Staci Polites is a business professional with over 25 years of experience working with and for the public – identifying, developing and nurturing  business opportunities.  She is a driven professional who works tirelessly to develop winning claims strategies to make her clients whole after a property damage loss.  She Has forged strong , lasting relationships with many clients, is an excellent communicator and an innovative problem solver.   Her consistency in achieving top ranked performance has complemented her reputation of being results oriented and driven to achieve at the highest level.

Prior to becoming a part of Experienced Public Adjusters LLC, Staci Polites managed and sold Business Intelligence Software on a Global level for a world leading analytic software company -Panorama Software 2009 – 2019.   

Prior to that she worked as a Registered Operations Manager for a Financial Services Company, Ameriprise Financial – Licenses:  Health, Life & Variable Annuity, Series 7  1999-2009.

Her journey however began  in 1993 as an Account Manager for  staffing agency where she managed North America, ranking #1 in sales for 3 consecutive years.  1993-1998

In addition to her professional career, Staci enjoys volunteer work at her church, working with the community on special projects, gardening and raising her 2 beautiful children along-side of her amazing husband of 20 years.

Staci has a real passion for helping those in need whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually, she believes each day is a gift.  Changing the world to make it a better place for all- one day at a time.

Orlando Public Adjuster

Hurricane Dorian Public Adjuster

License Number # (D011514)

Tel: (407) 341-8105

Location: Orlando, Florida