What Is A Proof Of Loss?

Proof of Loss is a policyholder’s statement of the amount of money being requested, signed to and sworn to by the policyholder with documentation to support the amount requested. It is important to understand the Proof of Loss is not the claim. A Proof of Loss can be requested by the insurer at the beginning of a claim. They do this in most cases when its impossible to know what the extent of the damages are while the claim damages are still be investigated. As the insured you may need to know the extent of the water intrusion damage to your home or if any mold growth exist in hidden places. Most Policies will require you to submit a Proof of Loss at the request of the Insurance Company Adjuster within 60 days. Can you change the Proof of Loss as damages are discovered? Yes but it will need to filled out again and notarized by all named insured’s.